protect and save animals
ELI FOR ANIMALS' s mission is to protect and save animals' lives and to provide help and assistance to other people and organisations active in the same field. Our vision is a non-violent society where humans and animals live in harmony together.
ELI is a newly founded charity in Romania whose purpose is to bring a true change in animal welfare in this country.
We want to help Romania grow to European standards when it comes to animal treatment. We want to help humans change because this is the first step of changing the lives of animals. Through educating people we want to help them find compasion in their hearts, we want the young generations to learn respecting and protecting the lives of other species we share this planet with.
We seek to inspire people at all levels, from individuals to corporations, media or government to contribute to animal welfare in Romania.
We will strongly fight those who conceive, initiate or implement actions that endanger the lives or the wellbeing of animals, now or in the future. We will speak in the animals name and we will protect them because those who want to harm them are way too many.
1) EDUCATION: We want to raise awareness for the principles and matters of animal protection at local/regional/national/international level through formal and informal campaigns and through educational programs for school children.
2) LOBBY: We will petition the governemnet and the state institutions to initiate new legislation or to modify existing laws for the betterment of animal welfare. And we will ensure the animals safety and welfare are valued and reflected in the decisions of individuals, communitIes, corporations and government.
3) INITIATIVES: We will establish and manage a team specialised in Romanian/European animal protection legislation and we will ensure that Romania is compliant to the standards of Western Europe. We will take all necessary legal actions against the irresponsible owners /private organisations or state institutions breeching the animal welfare laws. We will put in place a network of specialists (legal professionals, NGOs, veterinary professionals, etc) who can support the communities in all matters related to animal welfare.